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    June 12, 2021

    Polkadot draws attention, stabling the crypto

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    Unlike retail investors, institutional investors and corporates tend to prefer a more established, solid, and stable platform for their investment. In that regard, BTC and ETH are already attracting professional money. Meme coins like Doge don’t seem attractive for big investors, while XRP is still under the shadow of an SEC lawsuit. 





    With those in mind, it is unsurprising that Polkadot is an attractive alternative for professional investors, as DOT is one of the few tokens with sufficient depth of liquidity to meet the initial demand from investors. Polkadot operates with a central Relay chain and a series of sub-chains called parachains, and projects will be bidding for slots to run on the Polkadot mainnet. With well-established fundamentals and big money behind it, Polkadot seems like a solid platform for professional investors. But bear in mind that it’s been years since DOT started building its platform, and competitions are already catching up, if not ahead of its schedule.


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